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Enraged and Powerless

Updated: A friend and I have started an online campaign, a petition for harsher punishment and stricter laws. I  would be grateful if you could add your signature to the campaign.


Rage against this heinous crime is not enough. Action is required. Voices need to come in unity. They need to be loud and strong. They need to say that this is not acceptable. That the perpetrators need to be bought to justice. That men need to be sensitized. That women are not objects of gratification. That they don’t need to be shown there place in the society – subversive, powerless, pawns in a game of power. That a woman walking down a street, using public or private transport is not fair game for any man. That the first thought a woman shouldn’t have when she looks at a man, while she is walking down a street, is he going to rape me?

The ‘issue’, now reaching endemic proportions, needs a strong lobby which helps change the law, creating such fear that a man would think twice before doing this to a woman. We need the Supreme Court to take suo moto action and order current court cases of rape victims be expedited. We need to make the people understand that these women are ‘survivors’.

The fact that we only talk about the crime and not the psychological and physical scars which it leaves behinds for the survivors forever shield us from its sheer devastating effect on a woman.

I hope one day, we will say – enough is enough. We will demand answers. We will demand safety. We will not be powerless. We will not hear – it’s her fault.

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