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Kannada Film Producers’ Association is the New Benchmark for Morality

Kannada Film Producers’ Association (KFPA) have taken the momentous responsibility of cleaning up the Kannada film industry and have decided to change their job profile to Morality Benchmark Enforcement Association (henceforth called MBEA in this post).

How else can they explain the the three year ban on actor Nikita? Allegedly, the actor had an affair with her married co-star Darshan who is currently in jail for assaulting his wife. Once he was put behind bars, apparently the wife had a change of heart. And decided to withdraw the case against her husband, saying they had an argument over his affair and approached the KFPA with her plight.

And since then the KFPA or rather MBEA has passed an order that Nikita be banned from acting in the film industry for allegedly “creating disharmony in Mr. Darshan’s family”.

“We felt that Ms. Nikita was responsible for creating a big storm in Mr. Darshan’s family life,” actor-producer Rockline Venkatesh told The Hindu. “A stringent initiative is needed against her. Thus, the KFPA decided that none of the producers should sign her up for three years,” Mr. Venkatesh added.

I can’t even begin to describe this ridiculous ban, the sexist attitude of the men who dared to pass this ban and a term which they are not aware of – consenting adults. If they did have an affair, it was between two adults. The male actor is as much at fault as his co-star. He should be equally responsible for creating “disharmony” in his marriage. And by that logic, should be banned by the MBEA for ensnaring a young unmarried woman to have an affair with him.

But of course, it won’t happen. He has a career and a family to feed and he might have just made a mistake. The woman – she needs to be shown her place. Right?



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