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I walked past you today

Oh, pregnant river


You were in the earth

Where I used to tread


Sinuously swirling

You called out to me


Enchanted I stopped

To take a look


Swollen, full

You almost seduced me


In the yonder

I saw your mate


I decided to hurry

Past you


But you linger on

In my memory


Oh wretched one

I know your games


I belong to you

I know that, don’t you


But I am not ready

To be a part of you


One fine day

When the sun will shine


I will tread gently

On your loving waters


Unafraid that your hungry belly

Will consume me


You dangerous one

You will want to drown me


But I will be ready

To swim instead

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The colour of sunflower

Turning into the blue

Of the sea


The vast open sky

Suddenly turning asphalt


Grumbling like an

Empty stomach


I can hear you

Coming my way

Before I can feel


Soaked in the water

Of your mighty vastness


In the zephyr

Beneath your wings


You can destroy me

If you want

With your ferocity


But then I will

be free


Feeling you in my

Skin and my soul




Poem inspired by the Delhi weather as scorching heat suddenly gave way to rains.

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