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On Why I Agree With Caitlin Moran

“That’s the minimum I ask from my footwear. To be able to dance in it, and for it not to get me murdered… Heels are not empowering – they are silly and impossible to walk in.”

– Caitlin Moran

Dear Caitlin Moran,

If I ever meet you, I would like to give you a hug. Thank you for saying out loud that it’s okay to not wear heels. It was last month that I was on a holiday. And decided to go out dancing with friends one night. I started the evening with comfy, almost flat shoes and thought that as the evening progressed, I would wear higher heels (to glam it up a bit, as they say). The thought of painful feet leading to non-enjoyment of dancing, kept putting me off. And so those heels remained there, stuffed in my bag while I walked back to my hotel with my feet ensconced in shoes (instead of holding them in my hands) at 4.00 AM, after a night of club hopping.

Since I was younger, I have revolted against heels. If it hurts my feet and at the end of a day and/or requires the services of a man to carry me because debilitating pain won’t allow me to do so, I refuse to wear such a contraption. And yes, I agree, if I go out dancing and it’s painful, why in the world would I do wear it? Or what if I had to make a run for it, I wouldn’t be able to do so.

My mother has tried in vain, begged, pleaded, coerced, emotionally blackmailed me into buying and wearing heels (if not to the office then at least to the parties). Her logic being that a vertically challenged person like me will look much better. My counter to the that logic is a) I look good if I feel confident and I feel confident in my flats b) people always (and I mean ALWAYS) bend down to listen to me. A few inches are not really going to help if everyone is always towering above me and in my head I can hear my voice saying – ‘These shoes hurt. Can’t I just kick them off and walk barefoot?,’ instead of concentrating on the conversation I am having with that person.

Someone I know once said to me, “Oh, I don’t feel confident if I don’t wear heels.” And that’s when it hit me. Her self worth was defined by the fact that she wore heels. All the time. I wonder why is this pressure and need for women to look good, to wear painful or uncomfortable shoes and clothing to look good. Who sets these standards for us? The short answer is – the fashion industry. The vision of these designers, who send women in tottering heels down fashion runways from Paris to Tokyo, is fed to the fashion industry, to magazines, to high street stores, to women on the street. It doesn’t matter that it you may end up with painful bunions or bad posture.

So yeah, Caitlin, thank you for saying it aloud that it’s okay to not wear heels. Oh, while you are at it, would you like to start a revolution ‘lets-bring-back-those-comfy-shoes’? Because its unfair that men can wear them all the time (rain, summer, winter, formal, informal) and women are judged if they do the same.





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