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St. Marks

Where my house used to stand

Is now rubble and dust

How my past has been erased


A mockery of my memories

Has now been made

Bulldozed, dumped into skips


While my friend holds a key

To a green coloured door

That will never open


My laughter, my joy, my pain, my tears

My trials and triumphs, victories and defeats

My oasis bearing witness to it all


It brought me warmth and solace

On cold winter days

On nights furnished with rains


The walls saw my metamorphosis

My bed, table and cupboard too

Holding secrets and ambitions


I hear that a new beast is rising

From the debris of the past

Held aloft by scaffoldings and cement


I sigh in despair but I know

Others will make their memories

Likes the ones I have held on to


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Life in My Hands

Sometimes I wonder
What the lines
On my hands mean

They hide my past
And tell my future

They tell stories
Which I wouldn’t
Want to reveal

They tell of
Struggles and misfortunes
Which are yet to befall

And may be love and life
Which will be well lived

At times they just
Seem like random lines
Drawn on the whim of God

Squiggles, curves, crosses
Faint and sometimes dark

And yet they are meant
To tell a story
Which is uniquely mine

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